Monday, 11 January 2010

Just a daily update

As WoW goes, I have reached the title of the Ambassador - exalted with all capitals, heading towards Crusader. The other two great ones that appeal to me are The Diplomat (hah! hah hah!) and The Loremaster. They both mean you've got way too much time on your hands. The Undercity faction remains to be the one most fun to strive after. I am doing the Argent Tournament dailies, some of which are ridiculously annoying. I suppose they are meant to be done in pairs or something, but Piček's comp is acting up. He is on a WoW fast. I did duel someone and beat them. Imagine that. Am also 3 items shy of the 'Epic!' ach., meaning soon I won't have any reason left not to apply for 25-man-raids..
         I wrote a short essay about what it would be like to BE a zombie, and tried to get Piček to call the travel agency guy - but the guy was in Kuwait. Four days left to meet the taxes... Tick tack...
         Am painting slowly, surely, and taking lots of pickies. Watching Showgirls, The Departed, Inglorious Basterds and Terminator Salvation, turned on by how much Worthington looks like a young Piček. Ironically, he wasn't very cute when he was younger. Five years apart, they look 15 years apart and except for their teeth (Worthington's are completely flat whereas Piček's are brutally jagged - I'm guessing the former is something like Rh A+)  they have the same brow, same deep round eyes, small mouth and roud cheeks. Granted, Piček's mouth is hidden under the mustage and is a lot more pouty. The minus side of him shaving almost all of it off is that it's like fucking sandpaper to kiss and caress, but the plus is I get to see the proper shape of that mouth and it is murder :p