Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Perfect day for taking just some pickies :p

  Fire on Babylon :p

It's been one of those days when the weather's just simply showing off. I took exactly 354 shots on my way to the parents' house, and would have taken several more if the fog didn't drop the curtain on the valley and declared 'show's over, folks'.  I tried to carry a shapely icicle to show to Piček (nothing kinky about it, even though I'm reading Wintersmith and have seen some pretttty off episodes on CSI:LV), but it melted despite the temps and my puffy gloves by the time he snatched me. Lovely lunch at his place and I found out that one of the toddlers - the one that's practically my mental clone, has to go to the hospital next week to get cured of bee allergies. No idea why anyone would want to do that, unless it's lethal. It's like someone would want to get themselves cured of being stung by snakes. Probably cure does more damage than odds you'll actually ever need that treatment? But anyhoo, I'm going to write him a letter within letter within letter with cool tasks such as: Open on Tuesday! - today's mission: find out if the chocolate cake in cafeteria is any good; make a new friend; find out the color of the eyes of the nicest nurse... Knowing him, it should help a great deal to pass the only time he's ever been away from his home and since everyone's making such a fuss, he now thinks that's a bad thing.


Did some shopping with Piček for mum's baking gear collection and some grocery - always a pleasure when we do it in the big shopping mall. I spend so much time in a protected environment, surrounded just by an idea of people that when I actually go amidst people and they are all strange and oblivious to me and flawed, it's like going to a museum by now. Weird, I know.It's a hermit thing. Only time the scene was tainted was when I saw my ex "Smallest penis I've ever seen on a grown man" husband and my blood boiled, but then I saw he's with his mother and could but feel ridiculous. Seriously. The General he is not.
             Uu, we had sort of a ... hm... 'building meeting' today and of course mum CBA and sent me to participate and at first I forgot about it, but then they saw me coming home and reminded me, the other tenants, and I thought I could take my royal bitchiness out on them. Piček hid under four quilts and would not chaperone me, but it wasn't so bad. I pretended to be somewhere else for most of the time and the only time my issues came up was over the money we are being PAID (a concept so alien to me, I felt absolutely nothing to do with it.) The super complained about how gran and mum are using him for their schemes and I said "Seriously? You think YOU have it bad? I'm RELATED to them. One's CBA and the other's an icebreaker tanker. How do you think *I* stand in this dispute of theirs, considering I LIVE in the damn thing?" But mostly people just fussed about drainage and snow sliding off roofs and suchlike, as if the building is about to collapse on all of us. The thing is 16o years old, standing on Roman foundation and it has walls 85 cm thick. It'll be here a while.


In other news, am an official representative of TB in the Tournament and have made my first Kebab yesterday. NOT the culinary wonder those Turks produce with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their back. My picturesque nightmares continue (tonight's feature were my 8o-year old grandma and my 8o-year old mother fighting about which one will get their hair done by me.. Don't make me elaborate.) and I've heard so many bad things about that famous woman that's offered me the job, that I am now pretty certain I'm better off without her. But I like nothing more than a challenge... Well, okay, that's not true. I like plenty things more than a challenge, but I'm on my period AND on a diet, so none of them are optional for me at the mo. :p