Monday, 11 January 2010

My mum has this really cute way of giving us posh food. (By us I mean my sis' and my own household.) Here's the established pattern:
1) When we visit and when it arrives, she excitedly shows us the latest catalogue of a kind of mail ordered frozen goodies. (That company has some really really cool products, for, of course, five times the mortals price. But their pistaccio ice-cream made me rethink my attitude towards pistaccio ice-cream. Let's say - if you got it, it's worth the money.)
2) We, I, kind of mark the stuff we would have if we had money and leave the post-it with the numbers on the cover. Or names are clearly marked. We order, like, three or four items. We would live without them just fiiiine, they are vanity food anyways.
3) She orders her own stuff (buckets of ice-cream in all kinds and forms) and ours and then calls us how much the stuff we asked for cost..! But she doesn't say 'give me that money', she just says 'this is the last time!'
4) When the stuff arrives, she calls us all excited that it did and complains how it doesn't fit into the freezer, we have to come get it, pronto. We do. We show how excited we are also.  Again, there are the remarks on how much we spend, but her complaints about the cost of food is something I probably heard the day I was born. This is how she loves to buy us posh food. At first i was embarassed for even asking, but I noticed how happy she is when my sis does it, regardless of how she sounds. It's her thing. It always has been. Now I know that, too. I can live without the yummy goodness, but making her happy in such a weird way is kind of cool. There are always two stages of her regret - 15 seconds at the cash register and 5 seconds when it fails t fit into the fridge. The rest is her joy.

*In case you were wondering - I got: minced meat rolls with gauda cheese centers; four-flavored ice cream (amarena, wallnut, coffee and straccatella); four flavored veggie dumplings; first cooked and then slightly fried gnocchi with cream centers.... And I'm on a fucking diet.