Thursday, 21 January 2010

I've downloaded a few new episodes of my 'watchable' shows. 24 is back in, although I have to say for what they've done with the se7enth day, the eight's lame. In Seventh Jack wasn't living in some jungle, again, but was in court, which was new, and CTU was no more, which was new, and president was female, which wasn't half bad, the FBI chief was intelligent, and hot and the female lead wasn't a killer slut. In the Eight, we're back to failed assassinations of some random made-up Middle Eastern troubled realm, nuclear this nuclear that, again.. Although I must admit I do like the architecture of the latest CTU.  The entrance tunel makes a lot of sense. Brings it back to human factor threats. ame designer as Dollhouse, perhaps? Influenced? Chloe is not super smart, yet needy times two, the Kate character is the female Jack from the third season, the daughter is shockingly supportive with some random husband. LoL, Freddie Prinze is a star FBI field agent.. But all that glows in comparison to Katee Sackhoff's acting. Gods. I haven't seen acting that bad since I tried watching Las Vegas. That being in a role of a troubled *female*? Please. She was brilliant as a dude in the first few episodes of Galactica, till she grew hair, lost ovaries, did dinner table... The way she walks is as if the Galactica stardom paid for some acting lessons gone terribly wrong since.

Have seen a couple of good CSI shows and am always happy for Betty, though Fringe is letting me down a lot and Castle no longer pulls me.. Pity. I miss being completely enthralled by new shows. Lately I've seen so many I drop them like books - if they don't have me after the first 1o minutes, they lose me.