Monday, 4 January 2010


Ow, for the love of all that's pancakey, I swore I won't cry this year and lasted FOUR days! I am such a fountain. And it was supposed to be funny: we were goofing around again and Piček said I have to let him go to bed (he is working night AGAiN :S), so I kind of took his arm and led him. He made a dumb face and walked like a moron and for a split second I saw him as he would be if he was brain damaged: nothing left of his wit and courage, just the trusting love he has for me. And on came the waterworks.. Of course he had to go and say 'if it ver comes as far, you have to promise to help me go', which I generally would, but not in his case. I am too fucking selfish. I would keep him in any form next to me until ten seconds to my own checkout.