Saturday, 30 January 2010

My my how time flies. Has it been a week since my last confession? :P

Been busy. I started and even constinued a little the fifth active blog 'The Anthropological studies of Azeroth by Profesor Kestrel". (Can be found here: The pickies are so cute. :D


I describe regions that are bound to change in the expansion, in the way an old scholar (an old warrior explorer) would do it, amazed that someone like orcs can also have an intuitive sense of decor. The pics are actually taken with a camera and then messed up in photo shop to make it look arhaic. Other than that, I owe my sister gold in-game and as result have something like 5.4 gear score. And Darkmoon hasn't even began yet.
          Oh, yeah. I'm hot shit.

After four days of being unable to do much else (other than play WoW so much I was actually phisically sick and finally know why I cannot be in a guild that raids all those places I so love to explore with sis and her honey, possibly plus Skype - because when they still insist on going at 2 am, after 9 hours of playing, REALLY playing, I am so exhausted I am willing to pass sex just so I could sleep.. Somehow it feels like we've been at it for eaons... ) I finished the "War" story. It wouldn't stop being written, until finally after 25 pages it ended with us heading south to find possible farming regions.

Been to the doctor's and even though now, after a week of treatment, not much has changed, I have to say I was disturbed by how quick and easy it was?! Seriously, something muct have been wrong. I walked in, no-one there, I put my card in the box, door opens, nurse coms out, I pull out my Kindle - I am called in! IThat's never happened to me before. Usually one Kindle is not enough! O.o 
      Uu, made two Sacher cakes for Piček, going up-hill almost every day, getting my weight down to almost 7o kg flat. Ten or so more to go :p I'd love to see myself in under 6o or so... Ah, let's go nuts. Let's say if we can get it to 55..

The interview wih a potencial high profile cliet went far more pleasant than I expected. Mot that I trust anything that feels too good to be true, but for once working with someone who actually likes this job would be a fun change. Her husband is one of those 'still water runs deep' people, as far as I can tell, one less to show off and more to actually achieve and that adds another plus to the woman who wants to see me paint. She has high standards, though.And some high end ambitions, even for someone who seems to like people in general. Could it be I actually found a professional after all this time? Uncanny!

(Last page of 'Words' under construction. I kinf of love the way it's turning out, though..)

Being 95% done, I am putting 'Words' off for a spell and am switching to the last of stories, the 'Search for the Pumpkin Prince.' Cute thing is I already have the full background layout (did them one in a full blown colague frenzy afternoon), I just have to do the details. It'll be the story with most text in. The wait for client produced the full 'Words' text (I just love being amidst people who don't see me..) and talking to her, I kind of feel really good about believing in my work come what may. She always aims to win and until I started to think about it, I thought I didn't. But I do. It just depends on what you consider a victory.