Tuesday, 5 January 2010

From the window. Snowing again like some Goddess housewife tore her shopping bag and baking soda s seeping through..

Piček is back to working nights, due to a coleague getting a daughter (aw, man, I used to like that word and then Sean Bean completely ruined it for me...) and since that screws up my whole system, I'm gonna try paining by night while I wait for him to come home.. Ugh. Getting my brain back is like peeling old greasy bandages off a mummy. Deviant Art is trying too hard and try as I might, I cannot bring myself to work on the travel agency poster - even though that is going to be my only money this month and I am (present continuous) financially screwed. I forbode Piček to let me give up after my mandate is through. Of all the feelings, I cannot allow the sense of pointlessness take over. I am build for art. Come on - I saw such a good pic of Sep (boy, did that one provide for a layered orgasm) and felt SO alive.. I feel tiny in a terrible forest.. But I have to be a young Granny Weatherwax of art, otherwise no money karma for me :p