Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Haha, I just noticed the big half-building has brush growing on its roof...

Watching CSI until 4am (and actually getting some work done! Who would have figured!) seemed to have worked! The morning stoream* was a full blown horror movie! There were exploded horses with their bones raining down on us, intended as shrapnel; there were school-teachers sniper shot and slightly slow school-children on a field trip, sharing whipped cream with cinnamon and dry fig bits - the camera capture of which in the finish narrates something bad went down indeed. A small, ugly serial killer closing in, a local bus full of nurse student, a male nurse seemingly involved with me during all this commotion.. I was out to save the day, but in all this I was pretty much like Willem Defoe's character, chasing Uncle Eddie in Anamorph - losing myself in the process. Everything was dark, ominous, clastrophobic, a constant sense of not knowing where to run to, because you could never be certain what you're running from... In one scene, when the class of slow kids with me leading them and the teachers and nurses and investigating/security cops behind us, and the serial killer round the corner and starts advancing on us, my instinct is to run away screaming, dragging the kid along - not get the gun and aim steadily to take his screwey head off. In the end there was a bird's overflight view of roofs and pools and streets sorrounding the showdown building, where most of everyone is lying down, if not dead than injured and paramedics are trying to help.

On everiday bulletin, Piček is in the kitchen, battling the ferocious beast called the dishwashing, my article hasn't been put into this issue of Gea and the travel agency guy called me to say he needs the work finished. There might be hope for my this-month' bills yet :p

*Stoream is a dream that's almost as consistent as a movie. Story + dream. Get?