Sunday, 24 January 2010

Can't believe I never made Piček a Sacher cake... I really don't think that's the truth. I overheard him saying to dad 'In two years' time I'll be able to sell her that all over again', but how could that even be possible?? It's the simplest cake in the world and his favorite and... and...
               I had to make one in a hurry today, using the arcane recipe, there was just no buts about it. 160g of vanilla flavored crystal sugar, 160g of flour, 160g of cooking chocolate, 160g of grease (margarine) and 6 eggs. I used 5, because they were humungus. The whites are beaten into hard snow, but chocolate is melted, mixed with sugar, yolks, grease and ultimately flour - after I gently put in the snow. And that's it. Bakes for a good hour, sliced one time, soured up by peach marmalade and coated in chocolate. I still don't believe it.

Today was a good day for Warcraft. Nothng in particular, just a neat morning (Piček and I do cuddle a lot, but by 6am we are restless to rise no matter what day it is. Sunday or no Sunday, there's saronite to be mined and fishing dailies to be enjoyed). We did several dungeon runs with Mags and Piček geared up his tank DK quite well - he's doing his first tank run as we speak. I, however, saw something in the southern Barrens... Something that made me want to become the first official anthropologist of the Realms. Here, I'll show you:

That's Bristleback Ethnic art for you. How kinky is that?? And there's so MUCH of it, and nobody took an ethnological approach to it as of yet. My beloved Ethnological Encyclopedia speaks to me... Document EVERYthing of the pactical culture in the worlds you roam through. Every crossroad marking, every charcoaled rock. That's your only job in this life. I have time on my hands, because I quite unexpectedly gathered 7 out of 8 Nobles cards and gained the total of Orgri champion in the Tournament grounds. There's stories I want to write and books to finish drawing, but I'm in the mood for the scholarly take on my darling Azeroth. Don't worry, as all good nerds, I'll make sure to keep you posted :p