Thursday, 14 January 2010

Spent the day in a bad mood over having Piček act as my muscle again - getting the money from people who owe me.. It wasn't worth it having a fight with him, but if I didn't really need it to cover my taxes and insurance and basic bills, I wouldn't have gotten into it at all. It's kind of fucked up how folk simply ignores me when it's time to pay me. I can call or write or do whatever, and they'll just give me shit. He doesn't get shit, he gets results, but it doesn't mean he likes it any more than I do. I was offered to do a gig by a famous chick today, but I don't think it will come to results. I can tell, because so far anyone I ever wanted to meet or work with, has disappointed.T-shirt wisdom, eh? 'People disappoint'.

Piček is asleep now - he's on his 12-hour sleep mode again, but as long as his body is getting healthier, I won't bug him how that means I get to have him for myself for about four hours per day.. He only snores when his throath is troubled - he isn't snorring now. That's good. Fuck, I just remembered I haven't called my parents in four days... Never seems to be a good time for it.... :S The Deaviant Art reached the 1ooo hits count, though. Too little too late. I CAN'T let that become the story of my life. I used to be really good at doing mad things and getting an even madder stories for it.. It's not as easy now, as Piček has almost no urges to be a waitress in Las Vegas or a factory worker in Japan or a London saffron smuggler.. I have to aim twice as high to get two people half the way..
                  Well, if anyone can do it - I hate to say it, it's hard to say it, but - it's probably me. Haha. :P

PS Remind me to draw Tiffany Aching as send it to Pratchett. No agenda, just gratitude.