Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dorimu exhibit

I know I am not supposed to take photos of poppy, ever, but strange stuff is going on around me anyways and I know something's cooking - and this was a special occasion and they were not real poppy, so... Heck it. They are just too beautiful to pass :)

Today was Živa's thirtieth birthday. Yeesh, how young some people are. Živa is one half of a Dorimu (other half being her mate Saša) and together they are the dolly making duo that gave me my favorite wedding gift. After a show in the town theater tonight (The show was actually rather cool, about miners painters), they announced their exhibition in the foajer and thanked everyone that enabled them to come thus far.

Then they turned on the lights and we could see some of their prime pieces - truly impossible to decide which one of them is more awesome than the other. But of course there was one with poppies, so, my weakness shines through :P

 The Poppy pixie
 The Red Pixie, testing the wind
 The Golden fairy, the dream retriever
 The Green fairy, daydreams wrangler
 Ladybug boy on his swing
 Melancholy Mistress Peacock
 The elegant, not vain, Violet pixie
 The Butterfly gurmane flower taster

I gave her the drawing of myself/Dorimu, and then ate all their lollies. Naa, just kidding. I just snatched one of each for the pickies. Well, you can't wave something so adorable in front of me and expect me to be restrained. I am just not of such substance ;)))