Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tv shows and otherwise updates...

Things I've been watching lately…

Well, there's Spartacus, which took me about an hour to go through all two and a half seasons, because I was skipping scenes of violence and sex to get to the story …  I downloaded it so that the General would have stuff to watch while waiting for me in the car as I hopped around on the field, taking photos. And it has Craig Parker. He isn’t very good here, though if you are into fire-hydrant bloodworks and penises, this really is a show for you. Seriously, if you thought HBO’s Rome over-did it with their ONE gilded penis, the thin veil of hints of erotica over antique art is g-o-n-e. Triple penetration in slow motion is a little bit impressive in daytime TV, even for me. But the costumes are nice. And it’s been a while since I’ve seen anything Roman. And I like Rome. I haven’t been to Hadrian’s Villa in over a decade. *self-slap*

There’s a new show on called The River. It’s about the Amazon River, duhh, and it’s like super spooky, if you are the type to be afraid to go to pee down the dark hall in the middle of the night. (I am, but that’s just because there’s so much stuff in all our rooms you are almost certainly bound to dislocate a thumb if you try to walk without the light on.) It’s kind of like Blair Witch meets The Relic Hunter. But it has Thomas Kretschmann. Thou shall not, ever, overlook Thomas Kretschmann. You don’t have to listen to him speak; you just have to stare at his timeless Arian face. And hope he doesn’t die too soon. Unless he dies naked. Then it’s okay.

And Glee. You can’t go wrong with Glee. Nothing gory, sexy or scary there. And some of the songs are very well tribute. I especially like their take on Adele and C. Aguilera’s Candyman.

As movies go, I watched Winter’s Bone (great stuff)

Couple of minutes of Three Musketeers (No. No, no.)

Bit of Scarface (Really not my cup of tea)

And some Japanese or Taiwanese stuff that I don’t know the title of, because it wasn’t in Latin script.


Sanela said...

I think it was The Godfather.

Pix said...

Neup, Scarface. I can't even begin to watch Godfather, as I really don't like seeing women and kids shot.