Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Awww, Google has like the cutest Valentine's day promo ever. It starts with this little boy, googling V stuff for a girl that's skipping rope outside on the lawn – but she cares none for the rose he brings her (and Cold, cold heart by Tony Bennett is playing). He goes home defeated, googles some other stuff, brings her chocolates – still no go. He brings her a load of junk, none of which she even blinks at, until he eventually gives up entirely, gets his own skipping rope and just goes out to skip in silence. At this, she finally finds a friend to do stuff with her that she likes to do and they skip the same rope, and the promo ends with portraits of happy couples doing just this – of all shapes and colors and sizes, from interracial gays, aliens and astronauts, princesses and frogs, even Earth and technology …
The Once Upon A Time episode was about something similar – Beauty and the Beast – and even though it got utterly negative reviews, I am all for the ugly underdog being loved against all odds by a person that’s only ever been treated as a commodity, because she was lovely. If people stopped fucking around and just went for it, there would be a whole lot more of snuggling and a lot less misery in this world. Trust me, snuggling trumps greed any day of the week.