Friday, 17 February 2012

Landscape photography

Lately I've been put in a position where I am supposed to take lots of landscape photies. Everyone knows landscape is not my forte. I am sucky at architecture shots and mediocre at sunsets. Best I can do is take good reportage portrait, but for that you need events with happy folk aplenty and lately I've been simply cheating on catching those.

So I am trying to decide what sort of landscape shots would I like to try and make.
...The really over-lit and kind of kitschy ones? (That I like.)

...The classical, B&W, excellent grayscale ones? (That I like.)

... Or, for obvious reasons, the infamous HDR... (Which the jury is still out on.) Not that I have anything against hysterically dramatic shots, but while they may look super on iPads, I am not so sure they would in print. Maybe. But if you ask me, too much hustle.

... So... Decisions, decisions :))