Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Stanko Od'Pr'jezu

Oh, and by the way, this is a nutria. Or coypu. Or river rat. Sometimes, when you've walked the same doggie-walking path so many times you know all the feathery critters by their first names and have also names and made up stories about larger pieces of river garbage, you run into a novelty. We had some new swans around, two pairs, but I don't really like swans. They're aloof and feisty. hard to miss, either from sight or conversation of other doggie-walkers, however, is the latest biological event with whiskers. (As Drej would put it, whiskers the thickness of shark-fishing line.)

They are not from around here and most either escaped from farms or from Chekia, where they settled them instead of the extinct beavers (one of those ingenious things people sometimes do after they haven't messed up the nature just quite enough yet). But they do make an impression if you're not used to seeing them. I've never seen a beagle sized rat before, though, luckily, this one is super cute. If I didn't know very calm animals often mean there's something off about them, I would try to pet it. But I can't really afford medical treatment at this particular point, so I just took the other kind of shots - the kind one takes if they're obsessive enough to take their camera everywhere :P