Saturday, 4 February 2012

I find coupling amazing. I don't mean sex, anyone can do that, I mean pairing. People, who are supposed to live in couples. Not threes, not alone, not fours or a tribe. Two. The most natural, most easy-in condition in society: a pair. Particularly sleeping in couples. It's odd for a couple to sleep in separate beds, usually an indication something's way off. Not very many other creatures are suchlike. Watching ducks today I understand several species couple and remain monogamous, but very few actually spoon. I've been staying up late and with my room temperature and my metabolism, that simply means that by midnight, I'm stiff, numb and cold as a rock and then for the rest of the night, as I climb in the bed (literally, as my bed is up a steep tall ladder), I am embraced and warmed by the cushiest, hottest, most lovingly snoring human blankie made just for me - and the world is alright. It's like the most natural thing, ever - being comfortable with another human being when sleeping. Isn't that so weird? Something so simple being so amazing and something so amazing being so simple.