Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Some day, not far from now, it will be so warm it won't even be funny anymore. The evenings will be very long and the air will be very clear and full of lights as the city will continue to live on, comfortably, unlike now when people are miserable and cold and go to bed early, to sleep it off. Some day soon, I will be able to open my windows and city noise will pour in, the dog will bark at the walkers on the street, I will be able to feel air on my skin as oppose to now, when I feel several layers of different clothing, and cold. I will be able to wear thongs and flipflops again and my hair won't be greasy from caps all the time, I will be able to drink cold drinks and eat ice-cream, which I like so very much. The money now spent on heating will go for travel gas. A lot more money will be spent of coffee and cakes, because the doggie walks just won't be the same without stopping at Miško Knjižko, bathing our faces in the morning sun...
         Some day. Some day. Though for now we can go snow sledding and throwing the dog around in piles of the white puff that makes it sneeze and act like a plow, pushing her snout under the blankets.

Also a haiku,
There is a tiny spider crawling three dimensionally 
around my desk. Slowly. I have no idea where he came from.
Or why.