Saturday, 28 June 2014

Only Lovers Left Alive. Whining level: pro.

After a while, whatdiyaknow, Hiddleston made a good movie again. Not that playing a depressed nocturnal creature who eats romantic poets is all that difficult to play, unkempt hair and all, but considering there are only about 5 people in this movie and he's up again Tilda Swinton, who's a pulsar star in her own right (by that I mean a radiant alien, not a famous A-lister), and Mia Wasikovska, perfect for the role of a retarded Parson Russel puppy with rabies, I admit his skanky body and effeminate face alone wouldn't cut it.
But kudos in this flick mainly to the director. I loved Detroit, loved the theater and the club and the driving around at night. Not so much Tangiers, because it looks more like it was filmed in Chefchaouen (been to both extensively, is why I'm asking), but  the fact both main characters are virtually the same person, split in two, (even if she is a lot, lot older than him) they look almost the same, only the exact opposite. 'Tis also how they act, talk and often think.This offers for the only dynamic in the movie. This and dropping names - an American take on hipster-ism.

This take on vampires is spot on, me thinks. Vampires - in this case lanky ghosts with long necks and who never comb their hair - are the worst whiners ever. It's all they ever do. Whine, whine, whine. They only ever talk about how much they hate people, but they live in the middle of cities ( not in remote caves on mountains or lost island, drinking blood of sharks or mountain lions.)  No. In cities, complaining about every single part of it, every day, all the time. They hate their own immortality, because everyone knows you can only be passionate in fear of death and they've lost that, so all they ever do is think about it. they are either overly dramatic and sensitive or witless and decadent. Life for them moves very slowly, so they try to fill it with details, but they only ever do that piggybacking human discoveries and creations. They cannot create their own, they cannot invent, they cannot compare. They are dead. Which sucks. It's all they know. In every aspect of their correlation to humans.

Fact is, you can't have too much of any good thing. You can't. The best tantric sex with a 35 minute orgasm becomes a nuisance after a while and the next time you wake up and think: it's a new day! Time for the next two hour tantric sex with 35 minute orgasm!.. you'll instead be thinking - get the fuck away from me and the next time I hear the word tantric I'll burn the street down. 
       The best dish of your favorite food, eaten over and over again in a row becomes a punishment, a gruesome irony. Which is what life is to vampires. A gruesome irony. They are simultaneously in love with the human condition and disgusted by it. Envious and worse than us. Like elves, which i also fucking hate, they wouldn't know the fundamental flaws which make us singular works of art in the eyes of creation are supposed to mean to us, if they choked on it.

You don't ever really need to kill a vampire, you know. They got that part well covered.

... Gave me a good inspiration for the dialogue between the dying Morpheus and Kay in a cafe I've been working on. Paraphrasing:
        ... "I don't want to die."
        "It's the penalty for the sin you've committed."
        "Which would be what?!"
        "You woke up one day and decided you no longer wanna live."