Monday, 1 September 2014

4 hours of sleep per day high

Am pushing myself for the 4 hours of sleep per day again. Can't explain why exactly, but I think mostly it's because it gets me really high. I never have nor have I ever felt like getting high with substances, whereas this odd sleep deprivation makes me feel like... well, it feels like you're pleasantly stunned or on really strong coffee. (I'm about a week in, I think. Can't really remember.) My head is very light, my knees are very weak and my hands are always on the verge of shaking, but besides my retinal, mnemonic, mental, rhetoric and motoric challenges, I feel okay. Absurdly energized, inspired and, well, fuck-all. It hasn't gotten to the point when I start being weird, yet. Except maybe that scene in which I was showering the deflated boat (it was salty from the sea still and needed to be washed - that part was normal) and then carried it around the hallway like it was a dead body, talking to it... That part might have confused someone if they met me and haven't met me before. General figured I'm just rehearsing a role.

On a related subject - September 1st, first day of school. Rockstar offed to his new life, first day of high-school, am oddly proud. I probably should feel jealous or unfulfilled, because he is so much smarter than me, but I'm just happy he's more and more like his father every day. God made more of these Little Arle men. Good thinking.