Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wednesdays and stuff

What does it say about my schedule, when I won't even have a chance to miss my husband today? (He's off to caretake his parents' farm while they take a much deserved vacation) Normally I'd just tag along and mock his cow-milking technique (with all your attention to nipples, this is one hack job you’re doing…) or take photos of the rooster, serenading the pigs…  which are waiting for him to fall in and eat him. But I am booked solid with things I do just for fun. I mean on a professional level, but fun nonetheless. This interviews project is on a roll. I have a list of 27 people I am slowly and carefully setting up the questions for, but still I get phone calls or messages in the manner of: Okay, fine. I have nothing to hide. I'll be in town in an hour… Like, who the ** are all these people?? :D
Guess my theory that normal folks really love to talk about themselves and are much more fun to listen to has been proved.