Friday, 12 September 2014

Raining for a whole summer now :) I am starting to truly love the rain. Not the best photographic angle, but I love the sounds and the smells. And that there are not many wasps or mosquitoes.

I've tried adding fonts to Blogger, but am too sleepy to focus... A complicated shoot tomorrow, have to go to bed soon. Listening to the General breathe is a tranquiliser... Like watching a kitten dream. Charge the batteries. Clean the lenses. Still no word on catalog. I should hurry, before they steal all of the designs.

Had a great evening with Maja, just yummy dinner and walking around the shopping center, talking and listening and being completely chillaxed. There's a new store selling buttons and I saw a cool new purse I really don't need. Gosh darn it O.o