Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I notice, while reading ... stuff... and stuff (it was advised to me to tone down the opinion polls), that if you impose really strict rules on people, their bravery, determination and imagination will bloom. But if you five them absolute freedom, misery and frustration will drive them into soul decay. I'm thinking sexual revolution, women's rights and so on... When there was a strict rule only married men and women can hit it, you had such outstanding advocacy regarding privacy and the nature of copulation and so on... It was really quite admirable. Now, when you can pork a streetlamp for all anyone cares, everyone tries desperately to have sexual problems, left and right and center. And female rights - while women were oppressed and treated awfully, they fought like lionesses to stand up to men. Now half of them runs around whining about being single, or bored, having to be thin and having lame jobs... same as when they were forced into a marriage and had to stay at home. Exact same.

You are either a slave and you'll be a warrior poet, or you are a free man under six million pages of rules, and you'll be okay. But left to do exactly what you want, that's a recipe for a miserable existence.Which usually results in boiling bunnies or blowing up Wall Street towers.