Wednesday, 24 September 2014

We were fooling around in the bathtub today, and I pretended to want to drown the General... That was pretty much like trying to drown an orange in a coffee mug. O.o

Then I had this year's last ice-coffee with bestie Tinka. I explained my problems, regarding the interviews, as I am facing them:

- I need a hardcore ambition to keep on a steady direction. So far the one ambition I had, I met within the first week. (Really need to aim higher. But where?)
- Do I lead or provoke people when they are being slightly dull or do I teach them a lesson when theirs will be mediocre stories? Or what?
- Do I try to force the pieces into a steady, familiar frame (10 questions + 1) or do I go with the flow, varying from Facebook correspondence type of debate to borderline exposé-s.
- How much do I pursue people I think will be cool for this project? Lure them, manipulate them, seduce them? This is like photographing a nude - the person's got to be into it, otherwise it comes out stuck.
And so on. The whole thing started a little bigger than I expected. I need to elevate my approach. Am just not sure in which sense.