Sunday, 28 September 2014

Oooh, if people only knew the yummines of the coffees I am making myself lately. Oh, yummy indeed. The Nescafe decaf as base, half a teaspoon of prime dry chocolate for the bit of a sour taste, other half of Irish Cream or Caramel roast for the kick… Half of boiling water, a quarter of milk, cold, no foam, and the rest water… It's like a mouthful of a kiss.
Writing, reading, making photos, watching Call the Midwife… I know I am behind on almost everything I do and I forgot an important meeting I was supposed to take.. The dog is on house arrest, because she’s in season and a downright slutty slut. We’re off to work at the farm in the afternoon… Lazy, lazy Sunday morning so far. I’ve given the General a foot massage and made him a ridiculously fattening breakfast, he’s snoring gently behind me and snarling when I fail to resist the temptation to grab him and kiss him.
Am reading the Fran Milčinski poetry, going from very upbeat to fuck-me?!-and-slap-me-twice depressing. Gives me the right set of thoughts to write the downer bits of Goose.