Monday, 1 September 2014

Dear Frankie, a shipwreck of a soul

... Watched a really sad, but really nice movie called "Dear Frankie", with Emily Mortimer and Gerard Butler, who actually gets to act in this one.. Cried like a little bitch thorough most of the story.  It's about a young woman, running from town to town with her deaf son and her smoking mother, keeping a connection with her kid by the letters he sends his 'father'. He thinks the father is a merchant seaman, but of course it's the mom who writes back. In a moment of desperate measures, she hires a stranger to pose as the father - who in truth was a violent fucking moron and a reason why Frankie is deaf - and the guy turns out to be a bit of an alright. It ends with some closure and a slow uphil road for the characters, but very slow and very slower still...