Monday, 15 September 2014


Had a second interview, with gran... Though I feel I could have asked her more specific things and am going to go back to her place tomorrow...  Hopefully she'll be in an equally cheerful mood. She was distressed today, because she thinks a man in the store, while she was getting her vegetables, stole an apple from her basket and she wanted me to go warn the ladies in the shop... But we agreed if the man needed it so badly to steal it from an old woman, he may keep it. 
      There is such a spooky coherency to her narrative, she remembers such creepy details of her youth-hood. Like, she'd say 'When Walter (her husband) and I, two years after our divorce, went for a drink at Branibor (a local pub), he drank beer and I had a Mussolini... and he said 'what are we going to do now'?'.... 

What the heck was a Mussolini? :D


Tina Teršek said...

oh, love this photo! she is such a pretty lady <3

and can't wait to read the interview :)))