Sunday, 21 September 2014

Been a while, I know, I'm sorry. Been very productive. I promise. I loaded up the Marita Wrong commercial and the other day, I conducted three interviews which I am now transcripting and there’s another that I am halfway through doing so, a very adult one, and another I sent to a teen via FB and, well… there are many. I have a list of 31 by now. They are all awesome; they all feel like I am on the right track with my idea. The idea is to prove normal people are amazingly interesting if you let them talk about who they are as opposed to what they’ve done - when many feel they haven't done enough. These are so much fun in fact, I am well into a third of my next next book, before the first next is even finished. Meanwhile we are rehearsing the play, which is taking excellent shape and the transcript of THAT, of the experience and the text combined, will be the last chapter of Goose.
I saw a very sad movie, a movie about really nasty sense of hopelessness… I sometimes fail to notice that sort of life. I look at the vast plains of the American west and think – perfect. It didn’t occur to me many people lost their mind against it. Horrible, really. The movie’s called Homesman. Also, Lee Jones reminds me too much of my dad, whom I still miss cause we’re still not talking. And the General’s friend’s wife is having a heart condition, a nasty ticking bomb variety, which also freaks me out. Running out of time is starting to really bother me. I am SO CLOSE to doing something awesome with my life. Every time I brag to someone about sleeping only five hours a night lately, I pass out and sleep for ten.
In the next next book, the Dread, there are a lot of conversations between R and Kay about there being no good commands in war, because the only good command would simply end all war, the others are just keeping them egged on… And about how many people kay has saved – none – because none truly believe in deserving redemption after what they’ve done. I’ve gotten to the part where she is taking a journalism class and a professor, unbeknownst she is the editor, mentions her interview blog in class and she asks him out to conduct one with him. He begins to tutor her on the subject of her being unable to relate to normal people, simply because she feels too much like an alien, a tourist, and as if they are entertainment (this is something R tells her when she surfs a tank in one of the sieges of Tobruk – that she is taking interesting photos, but isn’t getting it as an event – mostly, because she is missing the dread of it.)