Saturday, 4 July 2015

Dead beat. I had a work meeting yesterday before five (it was soooo hot. The heat wave's definitely reached us. :/ ) and at six i hiked uphill to the parents' place and started spraying the vineyard. The General barely slept for a few hours that day, having returned from the night shift, then went to the capital to do his last exam for the semester, then came back, took a nap and then returned to work - and today he came from work and helped me out and then drove to his parents place to help them out with stacking hay. meanwhile I spent the evening hours spraying until around 22:33, when it got too dark to see anything an even just listening to the process (I can tell when the pump is working just right and when the leaves are being hit just right) didn't help with me finding my footing in the steep slope. I opted for sleeping at their place and made myself the bed in my old room, but the crazy mutt was in the room with me (because she wants to be in the room with me), yet only fell asleep and snored for about a minute and then spent the rest of the hour exploiting restlessly, barking occasionally and wanting to play. She is not used to sleeping away from her own bed, so she feels like she has to protect or warn me from every noisy cricket out there ... And because I was away from the bed that I'm used to, it was hard enough. So I didn't sleep any, waiting for the morning to come, so I could get up after four and start working again. I did, however, take Drej's word for it and sort of meditated or at least put myself in a state of deep relaxation, during which I was prepared for the idiot dog's next audio assault, but the body and brain were completely and perfectly restful. I knew it was as close as it gets to sleeping, so I tricked the body into think it slept just fine. Also, coffee helps. I didn't have my toothbrush with me, which made me a bit self-aware, but after you've sprayed a vineyard for two hours, piggy breath is not the smelliest thing about you. Around 7 other people started coming - the General, which incidentally broke the honey jar intended for my parents in the same bag he had his work clothes in, so he had to drive home for an exchange, but the kid stayed and helped and my sister's Bf made an effort, although he's never done this before. the sister decided that while everyone works their ass off is a nice time to do some trimming of the garden plants and couldn't be arsed to work. She gives the definition of a lazy asshole a new rank. Thanks to everyone else, with the workforce combined, we were finished by 10 in the morning, which was great. 11 is the time when you really should stop, because it gets dangerously hot - bad for the plants and bad for the case of boiling your bone marrow. I've had heat stroked before, I know how they sneak up on you. The general hardly had much to do, I'm proud to say, because the man drove on to his family's hay-stacking task and I hope he gets some sleep beforehand, otherwise he'll keel over and ass out but still try to work on. He left me in town, though, because he said I've worn myself out and won't be of much use. I looked like something that a combined harvester chewed and spat out, walking down the street. Niko biked by and said he only recognized me by the dog :)) Yup. that's a what a happy fucked up person looks like :D Am sleepy now, but I actually need some rest before I can fall asleep. Will do the WoW dailies and then sign out for the day. A few kinks to fix and this will become a good way to sole the vineyard-spraying slavery problem.