Thursday, 9 July 2015

If you only ever take in, creatively, and never put things out, you're doing it wrong. If you read great books, watch good movies, listen to excellent music and keep up with art, historic or contemporary... That is all well and proper. It means you're an intelligent, cultural person. but if you suck it all in and fail to create anything in return, you will end up having a hard and long dialogue with karma one day, when your time comes. You don't wanna be that guy. The black hole of creativity.

I am having trouble with the interviews. I'm at a tipping point. If one more interview - this is the third one in a row - fails me, after all this effort, I am closing down the page. I am also halfway though the essay on 'Why I hate people'. 

I really have to think of something that will be about humans and will get me money, but will have nothing to do with them, nothing at fucking all. I understand recluses more and more. All those great artists who lived all alone in the end, on remote islands or lighthouses or up in the hills, didn't start out loners. They just got their heart ripped apart until it was nothing left. Ironically, those were the truly good ones, over time.