Friday, 31 July 2015

I followed an example of a research blogger and created an online dating account to see if being dumb as fuck and kind of mean and self-centered has any merit at all, if your profile pic is super hot. Naturally I stole (okay, borrowed) a completely fake photo of a hot blonde in her early twenties, and the answer is yes. 95% of the guys that started a conversation with me couldn't care less about what I say. Some were hot but too old (and hence careful and wanted instantly to switch to skype to make sure I am who I say I am), some were lonely and kind of sad, really, I couldn't help but veer to encouraging dialogue with those; most were dumb. Only one of them made me drop my act and start a normal conversation right from the get-go. I'll try to keep him via Facebook somehow. Obviously the General has made me delete the account at once (WHY do I have the need to tell that man everything?! WHY? It was research!!) and may kill me, but the point was proven. This world is full of really needy men who would bang a goat dressed in a skirt if she had boobs and fake eyelashes.