Sunday, 26 July 2015

First batch of the Brežice ethnographic museum

Dog days are over and the vacation is over. I was just getting used to drinking beer (sort of) on the porch every evening, watching X-files with the General. It's great to be home, where everything i just the way Ii like it, but it would be nice to have an Olympic-size swimming pool around, even if a hundred people pee in it and there is so much chlorine my hair is virtually straw and I have absolutely no bacteria left anywhere on my body. Win some ...

I am going to post loooooads of pickies from the Brežice ethnology museum, and am also going to build a full reportage on the place, but over time, because I have shot a wedding yesterday and need to do those pickies and also need to do some maternity pickies from a session beforehand. So, easy does it :) Watching The Witness. Dunno why. I'm embracing the word Rumspringa today :D