Friday, 31 July 2015

... watching "Dark places"....

This movie reunites Charlize Theron and Nick Hoult and it's so weird to watch these people after Mad Max... Dark Places is not such a good movie done second after Gone Girl, based on Gillian Flynn dark book. I read somewhere that Flynn was working for Entertainment Weekly when writing Gone Girl and others and she didn't want the books to be like her work pieces, because she wanted dark, gruesome female characters - something that Fincher as director pulled very well from Rosamund Pike and Gilles Brenner not so much from Theron. She feels somehow not really invested in anything, not movie, not acting, not family, not people... Feels like a very post-Sean-Penn world, really. Like she did this film in between filming Mad Max and the Mad Max premiere. Gods I hope she doesn't start dating Hoult, that adorable little Vulcan zombie.