Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Know that feeling, when you're a 2months old puppy and you make a few jumpy playful steps and then immediately have to take a nap, because that was just such an incredibly big deal? Ye, that's how I am this afternoon :D I climbed on the bed to get my hair clip from the shelf and passed out. It took me an hour to get to the grocery store and come back. (It's not that far away.) But, then again, there was achievement in play - General, Starbark and I walked to Polzela, 23 km removed town, taking my favorite by-the-river route. We would have swam in the river, but G was convinced his soles got so horrendously blistered removing the shoes will open up some incredible wounds (he had two teeny tiny blisters, though, gramted, they did grow into substancial bubbles in the next couple of days) and he won't be able to continue. The dog was amazingly happy, the man was grumpy and I was really rocking the latest, hitherto longest flatland trek so far, for the first 40 or so km. The last six were too painful. I didn't take any painkillers this time. Though we were 4 hours faster than i usually was, keeping up with his pace. (And he walks like he means it.) Awesome trek in my oppinion, albeit the General nigh murdered me a minute ago, when I asked if he wants to go out with me to walk the doggie and have some coffee by the library. Hell to the no!

Leaving for the capitol in two days. Making the most of it. We've never been apart for more than a day. Not even that, I think......