Tuesday, 14 July 2015

In Lj, early morning, cloudy and nice. It is supposed to reach 37'C by Saturday... We'll see how that works. I can pretend this is a vacation type a deal and I'm in some extra posh foreign town, photographing landmarks and whatnot, talking in odd accents and using my camera on everything, which isn't something I could ever get away with back home.... So maybe the heat won't be so devastating as it was a week ago, when I was literally feeling ill. More humidity than heat, really. I like heat. It makes my muscles limber. Humidity.... Not as much. It feels like I have water in my lungs and walking uphill during doggytrek pains me to fatigue.
Sparing the camera, I am turning into one of the annoying people, using my phone to photograph everything and then, even more annoyingly, publish everything on Intagram.... I have to develop a keener sense of one-liner snippets, and get a better phone, but this is so much fun! Like bigger dicks have said before me, the charm of it is in the immediacy. And like I said, this saves the camera a lot of unnecessary heavy lifting - it's reached its midlife crisis and in camera years, that calls for a reduction of pace. Only super glorious sights for the Mark. The rest ... The underlined lesser quality of a smartphone ... And I just realized you can edit Instagram shots. I'm maxing the effects on that little bad boy for all they're worth!
Will keep ye posted on everything. I brought along a lot of craft materials and this flat has its own library, so there's that. I am toying with an idea of a media commentators I wanna see in action and there are people I am hoping to treat to some really good cakes. As said: vacation in a posh town mode...