Friday, 31 July 2015

I sometimes feel like I live in a really boring country. But it's not really, is it, it's just represented that way by comparison. I wish I cared enough about it to try and make it seem more... dunno. Awesome, full of conflict and turmoil and sexy beasts. Alas... We got one dictator-wanna be politician whose party borderlines a cult, but that's sooooo 2012, we have no real movie or TV stars to speak of, that would withstand a trial of two years, or an interview for that matter; we have writers and artists who are cool, but too busy trying to survive to have time being truly picturesque ... There's one philosopher who is in equal measure gruesome and awesome, but he's been done to death by everyone running out of topics and it gets old really quickly. The media only ever portray money problems in respect to other people's/countries' money problems to make other's seem more pressing; death toll from traffic and whatever and incidentally a shitty political or corruption blame-placement once in a while. The things that interest me aren't that very interesting. A new exhibition at the ethnology museum! Yes! Orgasm! ... A good new book! Or a good article! A good new sandwich!

I am trying for the life of me to start a YouTube talk show that would rant about this country and all that's facing and I

Everything that bothers us bothers somebody else a lot more terribly. Oh, we have poor people? Give me a fucking break. I am not saying times are not hard but have you ever seen anyone starve to death around here? I saw some awfully poor people when I was delivering mail in the poor part of town and those still live a hundred times better than the middle-class of the lot I've seen on my travels.

We have racial injustice? Really? How many racially motivated killing or a cop killing for racial reasons have we ever had? The Americans have two per week.

We have religious Vs. liberal issues? Religious freaks talking shit about the gay, about the abortion, about single mothers and teens getting it on? Sorry, I never heard them. I am not saying there are not screaming at the top of their lungs in various fancy web sites, just nobody gives a flying fuck. 

What else? Media scandal? Artificially blown up to sound scandalous. Occasional tragic death or suicide? Those things are private and do not belong on the wave. 

I do not wish a better rate of scandal or morons on this land, as you should pity the nation that needs heroes, but it's a bitch when you try to comment on how much you like your country and what could improve. 

Well, we could whine less. 

... Oh, right.