Wednesday, 15 July 2015

In Lj

After the longest time, I am literally vacating in the capitol, doing things I wouldn't normally do (like drinking Radler or strolling around the busy streets until midnight.... Or washing my knickers in a sink 0.o )

This apartment is white and very cool, which can be misleading, because after I set out to explore at 18:00 I regretted it immediately. It's hot. Freaking  hot. Like Alabama in August hot. You can see why very few people are out during the day - this old smughole has a very Mediterranean  feel to it, very siesta-y. So then, later, after the sun sets, everyone comes out to play. Not in a Sin City sense, but in a Paris or Madrid sense, with lines of people in front of expensive ice-cream stands and chatter in every earthly language (possibly even some Klingon or Middle earth). Oh my Gods, the ice-cream in this place!... The mango! The lime with green tea! The rice with raspberry! ... Gods on a stick! I could build a shrine to it out of crispy cones! Understandably the ten bucks back home are not the same as ten bucks out here, where you will go through your travel expenses lot in two day just for beer and ice-cream, but it is soooo worth it!

During the day I am not doing anything much at all. As said, to an extend I am building a concept of Three Zombie journalists, but that is slow going, as I am lazy and distracted. The apartment has four windows, which you must open and close consistently, airing the place, but also not letting the sun in. Once you get the system right, it is a sublime den of leisure. I have just some little nightmares due to sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings, but other than that, I sleep like the dead. About four hours by night and three in the afternoon. The cutest part is this place is so tidy, anything I bring out of my bags instantly disrupts the chic.

I'm taking a shitload of pictures with the phone, in love with the fact Instagram makes them look good all the time - dunno if I mentioned this before.. Am saving not only the camera this way, but also camera space. And G, even though he won't admit it out loud, follows me on Instagram :P I do have the 'data passport' on my shoplist, if for now I can only take about a 1000 pickies on the current cards and that is very little for a 10 day vacation for someone like me. There is no need in worrying that someday the cards will die, because they will and all the pickies on them will be lost, but that is possible for any card, new or old, so let's fuss over that once we must.

I had a plan to walk over the bog lands, though it's too hot and there was some talk of a sort of sitter joining me, and I would take city easy snapshots of her, but that seems postponed, so for now, the wide lens not really doing it for me, I will go out tonight and use the prime and see how well I can shoot long exposures from my hands, making it look good, even if moved...

I love you, my beautiful husband, who art faaaar away :D I write G letters from the front every day, with a fountain pen and ink and retro stationary. The postman must think he has a cooky mistress :D But he's just at home, taking care of our Chinese cabbage. I'll explain. Right now I remembered I should water the plants.