Thursday, 30 July 2015

LoL, I love General's quilt-snatching patterns :D We sleep, now that it has gotten a bit colder, me covered with a sheet and he with my small blankie. Though, to be precise, I am covered with the sheet and he is sort of hugging and sleeping ON the small blankie. I pulled it from underneath him tonight, because I was cold, asking if he's cold and when he said no, I covered myself. Woke up half an hour later, he was back to hugging it, laying on it. Climbed off the bed, got a proper duvet from the wardrobe and climbed back up. Woke up later, he was hugging the duvet, sleeping on it. Pulled the blankie from the lot and covered myself with it. Neup. Didn't last long, either.
Ah, well, at least I still got the sheet.