Saturday, 15 May 2010

Upcoming movies....

(Ones I care about. Romantic comedy is dead, dramas are way too... no, thank you for me, and shooty shooty bang bang needs more than hot men sweating and damsels in distress.. and political bullshit. What can I say. I'm dating a general. Watching movies that are supposed to be realistically violent with him is never easy.)

Splice - excellent cast, but the plot feels a bit like 'Species' or 'Immortel'... Supermodel freak? Really?
Robin Hood - another endless parade of whacking swords and spurting blood like Gladiator with a different costumographer. Like Marion's hair, though
Prince of Persia - we've come a long way since Bubbleboy, haven't we?
Inception - looking forward to seeing what this one will be
Predators - the umptenth sequal of an Arni movie that Aadrien Brody thought would be worth being in? Must admit I'm tempted.
The last Airbender - I hope it satiates my apetite for cool adventure flicks (adventure/fantasy isn't what it used to be since Lotter, Pirates O'da Caribbean and Avatar...)
Timer - curious approach to romantic drama (may not see it really, but I like the desparation of the plot)
Micmacs - the new Jeunet... Hello.