Friday, 28 May 2010

Just a summery update

Bit past midnight and I'm high on sleeplessness :D The summer is starting. I can tell by how furiously alive my body feels at dusk. 
             The General is sprawled on the bed, wearing nothing but his briefs, sleeping so that he's be most in contact with the cool of the sheets. His extraordinary long legs and massive back are like a Roman statue of a fallen Gaelic warrior. I go and sexually harass him every time I can't resist his dangerous beauty, usually getting elbowed or head-butted in the teeth, but it's worth it. Only it's getting increasingly harder to get up. My legs are killing me. And I AM going to get to level 8o tonight or I eat my Kindle. 
             When summer starts, certain things about me change. Well, for one, I lose weight. This is happening in a hurry lately, because I threw a fit about not being able to get on any of my summer shorts, so General is now starving me until I stop being a whiney bitch.... It may take a while. I may actually get thinner. He enjoys prying bits of chocolate out of my unconscious fingers, I'll give him that :p
              I showered with cool water for the first time this year. That's another. Yet another is the urge to go for a walk at 8:2o pm, to say hi to my parents, which live on the side of a castle on a hill. It's about a weak hour's walk up and a bit more than half an hour down. In winter by nine I am in bed. In summer by 9'3o I only just start wondering where to go out. There was some sort of a concert or an opera at the castle while I walked, the wind bring me passages of the music in gales. It was cool enough to feel cool on my naked legs and arms, but I wore a vest and jogged downwards where the slope wasn't too much on my knees. The muscles were so stunned by this sudden athletics, I can now no longer rise without pain. The second best kind of pain, though.

PS Achieved the last level - 8o.... Now the good work starts!