Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pascal premiere

Piček's housebound for a month, sporting pneumonia. That sucks, but he's got a strict jailor and I'll have him spif and spam and back on the street again in no time. He may level a few more characters up till 8o.. He shaved his beard and hair entirely - never seen his head completely bare before.. Damn. He's hot! As a sign of approval I shaved everything BUT my head ;p But schmoochy is slightly off limits ere I want him to choke.
            Corr'n'Noot and me as the designated driver (lovely drive. Lovely. Nearly killed a local lunatic when he happily crossed the road I was going down 6o m/hr, assuming I can steer easier than him, but the ridge we ascended was this country at it's most beautiful and the weather was super extra picturesque.) We went to check potencial Pascal, their household dawgie-to-be, preparing a fail-safe strategy in case we didn't like him, but it was the same as with Starbark - instant undiluted love.
              Fuck me sideways but they are beyond squishy!!
Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnncchhh!!!!!.... ahkem. Hkhm. So yea. They are a bit of an allright :P
                       Like I said - I appologize if for a while this will be a total puppy madness.
            Sis made some super yummy light-weight meal (which is a good thing, because I'm getting fat again, now that it's ice-cream season starting..)

and then I went home, tired.. General sleeps very poorly, restlessly and coughs so violently none of us really gets any rest at night, so we patch it up during the afternoons and early mornings. I would have trekked uphill to see parentals, but it's always raining. Dad wanted us to come over and share what we felt, but we were honestly too tired. We scheduled a big family lunch tomorrow (so much for my food restrictions :P), minus Piček. I'll make him 5o small puddings and he'll be set until I'm back.

Saw a surprising pair of kestrels in the main street. Heard them first, actually, and then notied they were sitting on one of the window decorations of the old façade, munching happily on a fat rat. I haven't seen rats in this city before, yet alone kestrels. Don't thnk I've ever seen a kestrel this close at all. Curious little fuckers. I'd half expect them to eat hamburgers..

PS.: Noot'n'Corr put up a blog for Pascal the puppy!!! So cute :D I can say I've helped :p *proud!!*
here's the link :D