Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Chubchub still ill :S And second chances *always* disappoint.

Went to the doctor's (which is saying a lot) and still it feels like he's being twisted sideways. Poor wolverine cub. I can't even hit or pinch him, as everything hurts so much. Sickness is no fun :(

The history chapter on the chick I actually felt like giving a second chance naturally let me feeling dumber than usual. She left me waiting till midnight to tell me she's still too busy to come on-line. In that aspect nothing's changed. Now she'll wait for me to come after her again and then continue this dance, ultimatelly claiming it was me who failed to appeal to her. "I got used to you not being in my life, but you said you want to talk to me and I'd like that, though if plan on giving me bullshit, I don't have time to make time for people like you..." It's what she does, the single child syndrome. And I can't but wonder, why do I fall for it? Did I honestly think anything's changed, the incurable idealist that I am? Maybe my brain feels like we've had way too much good times than bad - but that was when we were alone in the desert. Now it's a little bit harder, what with her 5oo friends on Facebook and schooling that's more important than anyone else's job. Heh. Serves me right. Second chances never pay off.

Piček sleeps better whe I'm not in the same bed these days, always tossing and turning, so I'm gonna feed him and tuck him in and trek uphill for a few hours while he gets some rest. Funny - he's the one choking and sweating cold sweat and I'm the one with the nightmares...