Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The drive to get a PlayStation prize from a Coca Cola competition for Noot'n'Corr ('bout an hour each way) yesterday was hilarious. A couple of times I was unable to drive and nearly pissed myself laughing and luckily we were on roads with no other traffic participants. (We didn't have the highway pass, so we took the old road and were often the only ones for ages..) I am still laughing, thinking about it. It's been said before that the two sisters in the same small space may lead to unexpected results. Truth of the matter is, we've lived indoors so long by now that when we finally go into the real world, we feel - and act - like some highlander inbreds that simply cannot manage basic social skills and the harder we try, the worst it turns out. Li'l sis, as it turns out, cannot ascend a simple flight of stairs without incident, if they so happen to have pretty footprints painted on, that she simply HAS to follow. Like a beagle in that aspect, she can't be focused and happy at the same time. Also imagine the moment when she realizes there are probably security cameras in that room.  Still-frame of supreme silliness and frantic search of memory for inconspicous etiqette.. I can relate to that exactly. Being happy means I will act ridiculous. I even have a happy walk that couldn't possibly pass for an attractive sort of walking (alright, yes, I would suck as a geisha), to anyone that doesn't know me. I just do it, it's not intentional. Good thing Piček already loves me and finds these little idiocies cute. Even talking to 'normal people' - the ones that need to pay attention to how they behave on daily basis, is usually problematic for the likes of us.... Believe me when I say that the way we sometimes ask for directions makes people pick up the pace and look over the shoulder nervously, probably 'thinking okay, i'll just pretend I didn't hear them...' and our passengers  in the back sit very quietly for a few minutes, scared smiles frozen on.

Okay, I have to stop laughing now, because I am drooling onto the keyboard and have woken up the General, who muttered: "Take just the one red and the one white the next time?..."

Believe me, you'd had to be there, but yesterday really was a LoL... LoL.... LoL....