Sunday, 9 May 2010


I apologize in advance, but chances are this blog's quality will plummet for a little while, because there will soon be dawgie pickies everywhere!!!

Today we went to see the litter for the first time. The pups wer too small for any rational evaluation, but considering tehre were three professionals and yours truly, we must have seemed very serious.

Now I know how it sounds when I say I instantly liked "Lama", a tiny female with a dark back and a face that says "If you're gonna tug my ears, you better make it worth my while"... She was the only one walking as she was slightly lighter than others and when we took them out to compare the three we got to choose from, she cried the least and explored the most. There were seven puppies in the litter and I culd have gone for any, but I secreatly adored her and others agreed. All puppies were adorable, although the others did look like a bulldog's and one like a phantom of the opera... :D

See what I mean? She simply stands out :P

:DDD I can't believe we actually held that living, warm, stubborn fat little creature... Those ears! the spotty nose! The humungus paws!! Kurbus debelus!!!