Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Next March my contract and with it the obligations to this job expire. I won't HAVE to be a crazy-yet-professional <sic> artist anymore, unless I'll want to be one. But until then, I'd like to see these project meet the light of day:

- The children's books about the Time Tree
- The pre-adolescent book bout Three Little Backpacks
- Children's book 'Squilding'
- another exhibition maybe, the library tour for 'Ninovela' included
- something published in the kiddy magazines
- something published in the top rank reportage magazines
- A small warm-up novel, no idea which one yet...

That's a year project. It seems enough for one job in the two year's time. Almost all of this stuff is already done. I just need to push it now over the hilltop. So let's see what we can see.