Friday, 21 May 2010

Tv downloads update... mostly finalés..

Slow aftrernoon after the hectic morning. I downloaded my shows, but am too scared to watch House (hate season finalés..:s...), even after having seen the end and having read detailed plot summary... Grey's Anatomy, on the other hand, is gruesome to watch and again several characters die, often ridiculously quickly, other painfully slow. Not sure any of the three shot leads will *actually* cawk it, but I know, even though nobody really liked Shepherd lately, the next season would be unwatchable without him - Meridith finding love ALL OVER AGAIN? No, thank you. Took her 5 seasons to get as far. Then again, perhaps the show is over altogether. In which case, good riddance. All we need for the end is that awful ex wife of his to twist her ugly face in teary horror one more time and that's it folks. Am glad Luther is slowly but surely taking off and hopefully Castle will return in fall, followed closely by  Criminal Minds. 24 is over too. Will jack live? Doubtfully. Where is True Blood, though?? Surely several great if obscure shows will fill the void of the top show's summer break?