Monday, 24 May 2010

Wavin' flag

Hihi, every time I put in the cork code for the Coca Cola competition, this song is playing in the background. First time I heard it was when Corr'n'Noot drove with me to see Starbark and sis mixed up the lyrics, singing 'just like a burning flag', so her honey mocked her in a retarded voice 'and stab your neighbour, stab your neighbor, stab your neighbor' so now I have to strain not to go the same way again when lipsinging.  Dumbasses :P

Okay, so maybe if football takes all that racial aggression and turns it into a game where a bunch of dudes chase a ball around the lawn and everyone seems to be excited about it (I seriously don't get it), then perhaps just from a socio-political view it's not such a bad thing.