Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Solomon Kane

Watched Solomon Kane. Rather dull, really. Endless catwalk of pointless violence and slaughter choreography. If the title role was played by some useless 8o's actor rather than James Purefoy, who is sublime, it would have been entirely impossible to watch - even though it was nice to see Alice Krige again and Pete Postlethwaite seems to be in every movie lately. I was hoping it will be more Diablo II like, as the trailer promised, but it's more like the discarded footage from Return of the King some assistant grabbed from the waste basket. Almost everything in it was seen before, including the inner turmoil - if not in Xena then in Willow or Resident Evil 3 or Book of Eli or something. Except for the last 5 minutes, where the sorcerer finally makes an appearance, ruling what I imagine is the ugliest castle in the whole of England, if it really exists, poor thing, and he actually had a good stylist. What with the skirt and dredlocks and the print on his face he looks more like something out of my usual orgy ansamble than a Puritan's nemesis's pupeteer. The big demon seemed like something we battle every day in WoW. Can't say I liked anything else about it. People still don't know how to crucify properly.