Saturday, 1 January 2011


 Dawn from the last day and freezing stuff from the friggin freezing doggie walk :))

There was so much food last night - again - that I was physically ready to lay down and die. There was not an ounce of room in me left and nobody managed to take the hint. Of course I tried to eat uncharacteristically little, but there's just no going around it.
         We broke apart the wee green hunt, feeling a little bit without it immediately. I was late for the gathering of the last bits and the final lockdown on account of recuperating after a too violent orgasm, but while we were waiting for the men to return, Drej and I played warcraft and ate McDonald's cream&strawberry pie, shooing all my plans to take a neat nap and then proceed with the schedule out the window.
          The first station was my parent's place. It was just the four of us and I TOLD dad we have another dinner set up, but still they prepared an absurd amount of food. I have no idea why the General worries about having to pay for wedding feast expenses: I can't see any way to stop my parent from making this much food for a simple family meal, yet alone a proper excuse. I was on my best behavior, but of course I still went on people's nerves, though I did talk to dad a lot and I love the way he listens and I told them stories from the green hut life. We laughed a bit and ate a bit and left a bucketload of food intact, simply because already there was no way we were hungry. Not to mention all those yummy carbs went straight into my blood and what with cigarette smoke and the warmth, I needed a double espresso - that didn't achieve sqwat.
           Next station was the General's family place. Just to illustrate: they prepared three kinds of meat, two side-dishes, two salads and four deserts. Seriously, before it i was queasily dozing off but afterwards I was about to keep over. And die. And then blow up again like a putrid beached whale. But then we had to go to the third station: my sister's.
         We picked up Drey and Vanč on the way - Vanč is always so afraid when this happens, because I suppose I make all our plans sound very painful and dangerous the way I describe food lately. The sororal household is newly remodeled and repainted and it was lit with all these candlelight and it looked spot-on festive. See for yourself:

         Course they ALSO made food - their infamous calcone - though I was unable to even take a sip of a drink, hot and thirsty as I was, ere - seriously - I gently lay down and fucking die.
          To pass the time, I decided to make people write in firecracker font. :D Go me! Of course at first everyone was 'aw, come on, leave us alone', but as predicted, you couldn't stop them afterwards until we ran out of spark sticks. We tried to write "Happy new year 2011" and actually came quite close - with a little bit of photoshop it would have even be legible... :D And then we simply goofed around some more just for the laugh of it :D It's not as easy as it sounds: laughing your tears out on a painfully full stomach :P

 Attempt one...
 Attempt two...
Attempt three... argh, Mags was slacking!!.... haha :P
 Goofing about   :D   Whoops, we skipped Paskal...

           Ultimately we crammed ourselves into the car (Barky was at home, because she lived up to her reputative name and kept barking through the window at the fireworks, so we just wrapped her in her blankie and turn on the radio and left her to sleep at home..) and sought a spot to watch the midnight fireworks. Not quite so taken for granted, as what little fog there usually is, it's quite strategically placed even before it all starts, but once it does, all the ignited chemicals in the air make the skyline quite 'primordial soul' like. last year we had to change locations twice, but this time we just settled for some middle sin and parked in front of the big church on the Joseph's hill. We were not alone, of course, plenty people there doing the exact same thing and several shooting the fireworks as well.

 (.....More on the separate post... Lots more 8))

I have to admit that while trying to zoom/focus in on the tiny explosions, not unlike births of the universe(s - I'm a fan of the multiples theory), I totally overlooked the General who was waiting for me to kiss him. I was aware of the fuss behind me of people cheering, but not that he was so romantic. I am still trying to compensate, because it really is a thrill kissing that hot mouth in minus 14 Celsius, but he is playing chill now. Okay, he is fast sleep now with the dog gnawing on his toes, but the ticking feeling of embarrassment lingers. No way I'll be taking more photographs than kissing him this year. I would have to literally take millions!!

.... and then of course we goofed around some more. Goodness gracious great balls of fire!!!


 As you can see, Vani, photography is a ridiculously cool way to percieve the world around you :D