Sunday, 30 January 2011

Heart is a hungry vampire....

Translating the 'Heart' is going a lot faster than I anticipated. I did what mum said - didn't go word for word, but just sort of summarized the point and the mood and I skipped all the deep end mind-streams, keeping the story simply narrated and described. it's only been ten pages and its time to play some Warcraft to calm down, but I daresay this may yet happen somehow. If parts get too boring, I could just skip entire 'days' and work on the cool bits, but i should also keep in mind, that is is meant to be an adventure comedy... The turn 'hearsay' took, depressing lonely and hopeless towards the end, caught me of guard. Sure, it described a depressing time for me, but come on. I must believe myself when I say: enough with the rucking angst. It's the easiest thing in the world to write! Put some innovative muscle into your prose: these creatures are meant to be chirpy and delightful to eat!