Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Wishlist 2011

Can't hurt to wish :P

Stuff I'd like to have:
- Fissshy pants
- Nissan Pathfinder
- A good wrist watch (though I have seen some that you can clip onto your gear or belt also), preferably one that tells time, temperature, GPS location, has a compass, altitude meter, maybe even a small disco light show... Joke.)
- A fancy tent - something I will be able to use comfortably for the next fifteen years all over the planet.
- A Mac laptop. Actually, by now, should they invent an iPod, iPhone and iBook all in one, I'd like to have that.
- A studio in my home. With lots of lamps. And some more lamps.
- New kitchen. Namely a kitchen counter. For cakes.

- A wedding ring
- Triplets

Things I'd like to see:
- Nordcapp
- Four of my books out in the world. It's taking too damn fucking long...
- And exhibition of my latest photo stuff... that hasn't been even created yet, but let's think ahead
- The dog pass doggie school with decent grades
- Myself with long hair :)p


andreja jezernik said...

I have Fishhhy pants. They are awesome. You can come and try them on, to see, how cool they are to wear! And I certainly wish you from all my heart for all your wishes to come true!!!!

Pix said...

It's why I start with small cushy wishes first, to build inertia :P